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Ghorbazaar chat bot


The online / on-call shop where we provide restaurant foods, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, stationary, groceries, books and gifts at your doorstep.

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The Mini Pu'er chat bot

The Mini Pu'er

100% hand-plucked Pu'er (Puerh) from Yunnan old tea tree, pressed into 5g tea biscuit. Tastefully packed in Malaysia. Your everyday tea for healthy living.

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Carvinna Brand chat bot

Carvinna Brand

Official Page for Carvinna & TKS Brand Canned Tunas

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Akla Baity home made food chat bot

Akla Baity home made food

AklaBaity is an online marketplace for home made food. We connect our customers with talented cooks in their area and allow them to order home made food

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Food to Your Door chat bot

Food to Your Door

We deliver fast food straight to your door when you cant get it yourself

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Pots&Co chat bot


Pots & Co makes delicious puddings in beautiful ceramic pots. 100% natural, our Pots are made by Michelin trained chefs with a passion for quality & taste.

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Pran Juice chat bot

Pran Juice

Jus Mangga Pran comes with the exciting taste of tropical Mango. The taste is unique & makes you say "Wow once you taste it. So why say why, just say ...

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Dooga Chickens chat bot

Dooga Chickens

Dooga Chickens offers a range of poultry products chopped and whole Fresh slaughtered daily on the way Islamic chilled

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myTaste AB chat bot

myTaste AB

myTaste is one of the world’s fastest growing social networks for recipes and cooking.

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Nim-Véda Australia

If you get the precious understanding of mother #nature, in which we realise that all human needs have the potential of being physically and mentally fulfilled by our environment and ...

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