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Coalition for Marriage chat bot

Coalition for Marriage

We are the silent majority fighting to keep the Marriage Act intact. Join the movement at

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B1G1 chat bot


Creating a world full of giving through a Giving Program that gives businesses worldwide the power to change lives, just by doing what they normally do.

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The Give Agency chat bot

The Give Agency

The Give agency is a volunteer team of idea rockstars who come together for one week a year to help nonprofits tackle their toughest challenges - for free!

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FIF Scholarship Program chat bot

FIF Scholarship Program

The FIF "Bridge Project" Scholarship Program

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GreenPig chat bot


Oink oink! Green Pig will help you decide how to make money with mutual funds. Simply chat with it.

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మాది వడియారం chat bot

మాది వడియారం

This page is dedicated to all Wadiaram people.

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Get the Urge a star on the STL Walk of Fame chat bot

Get the Urge a star on the STL Walk of Fame

An effort to gain a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame for the St. Louis band, the Urge.

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Enlighten Urself chat bot

Enlighten Urself


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PosterAct chat bot


A new way to see posters.

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The Cash Your Passion Network chat bot

The Cash Your Passion Network

A community of entrepreneurs who desire to create better impact and income online by utilizing their passions, ideas and gifts.

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Global Proclamation Commission for Trainers of Pastors chat bot

Global Proclamation Commission for Trainers of Pastors

Encouragement, networking & resources, for you, whether you are a pastoral leader or a trainer of pastors. We provide an extension, intensification and expansion of pastoral training initiatives worldwide...The GProCommission.

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Testabot chat bot


This is a test a bot page.

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Dragons chat bot


Band together my fellow dragon companions. Show our love for dragons and their mythical powers that guide us in our daily lives. Support the our dragons!

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Child Protection in Emergencies chat bot

Child Protection in Emergencies

News about #ChildProtection in Action and the #CPMinimumStandards. Developed and launched by the UNICEF-led Child Protection Working Group @CPiE_Global

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Enactus- UAM chat bot

Enactus- UAM

This is the official page of the enactus team of the University Of Applied Management Ghana.

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Strigibox chat bot


Live outside the box

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Helping Animals At Risk chat bot

Helping Animals At Risk

Our aim is to raise awareness of the threats posed to the future of many species. We offer mercahandising to fund our operations, and donate to NPOs.

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PRiDE FaMily chat bot

PRiDE FaMily

MPF is about the gay community getting together on this Page and making a difference.

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Diary No.1 chat bot

Diary No.1

entertaning people about love and more

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Gabbie chat bot


Meet Gabbie, an anti-harassment chatbot by the Gabriela Women's Party. Gabbie aims to make the reporting of sexual harassment easier. If you've experienced sexual harassment, or want to know more ...

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SaveOhno chat bot

SaveOhno is a fun and easy was to take action on social causes

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I'm Hope chat bot

I'm Hope

I'm Hope. In these dark days, I'm finding some light. I'll tell you what’s happening, what matters—and what to do about it.

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MycroChange chat bot


Save today | Change tomorrow

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One More Step chat bot

One More Step

OMS provides information and support to help Students achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

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Goddamn Cobras chat bot

Goddamn Cobras

We make things with friends and neighbors. DIO (Do It Ourselves) is more fun than DIY. How can we help you?

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Signal Surveys chat bot

Signal Surveys

Signal Surveys helps companies understand their customers better so they can give them what they truly want

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GoFundMe chat bot


The easiest way to raise money online.

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Business Integrity Matters chat bot

Business Integrity Matters

Working out Sunday's message Monday thru Friday

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Ukulele Kids Club UK chat bot

Ukulele Kids Club UK

Ukuleles for hospitalised children in the UK.

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Renaissance Pakistan chat bot

Renaissance Pakistan

Renaissance is a movement led by learning and cognitive scientists to build charity schools across Pakistan and develop 21st century skills in Out of School children. Help us build more ...

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This is List of Inspiring Sikh around the world from where we all could get inspired and get motivated

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Save Animals chat bot

Save Animals is devoted to raising money for various animal charitable organizations around the world by selling animal related products

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Society Tube chat bot

Society Tube

Welcome! You really should join if you would like to chat with fellow YouTubers. But don't come solely for the purpose of promoting your own stuff.

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Law of Attraction Secrets chat bot

Law of Attraction Secrets

Tips, tricks and strategies to see the Law of Attraction in action

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An Eye on Cults and Cultish influences chat bot

An Eye on Cults and Cultish influences

A page of resources, information, links, events by different leaders, organizations, survivors, experts on cults, trauma, abuse, emotional manipulation

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Testpokebot chat bot


Bot Testing

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Pepper Business Friend in SV chat bot

Pepper Business Friend in SV

Pepper starts to work the moment you address any of your questions about:

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Dự án nhỏ - Tết Project chat bot

Dự án nhỏ - Tết Project

Inbox me for everything !!! I will help you pass ....

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CancerChatbot chat bot


Hepful resources for cancer patients, caregivers and friends and family who want to help them

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Hey! Today commutation from one place to another is tough & sucks time and energy. We are trying to make your all trip a memorable one

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The Human Fund chat bot

The Human Fund

The Human Fund is a place to have fun.

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The Dollar Opportunity chat bot

The Dollar Opportunity

Eye-opening video success trainings that provide simple, step by step rules for getting your online business up and running.

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